Vanilla Buttercream Icing with Crumb boss

Butter Cream is used on many edible desserts! So today we are showing you how to make a wonderful Swiss Style Butter Cream. Our Blog or on The recipes that I am making is the home version for Butter Cream. The amount I am showing you is for icing a cake and making flowers. You need egg whites, a double bolier, you need to heat egg whites and sugar. It needs to go by 115 degrees so I know when it’s ready. The sugar melts, and there are no more grains of sugar. Take your time, now you want to mix in your Kitchen aide bowl..for about 3 you add your confectionary sugar for mixing and then you add your butter and shortening and then you mix it…and then your done!Crumb Boss TV is a wonderful You Tube Baking Channel that uploads videos throughout each week for everyone to watch, learn and of course see the fun unfold. Have you ever wanted to make fabulous desserts from a certified culinary pastry chef before? Well the Crumb Boss is that, and she also provides all the recipes on, which is her blog that she writes in weekly. It’s very funny… And you can also check out all the photos of what she designs on or Crumb Boss on Facebook. Would you like to make the perfect brownie, chocolate chips cookies, polish you cake decorating skills or just sit back and enjoy the fun? Well here is an amazing list of desserts, bakery treats and so much more you can expect to see on Crumb Boss TV. Two

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22 Responses to Vanilla Buttercream Icing with Crumb boss

  1. kragier says:

    As she did, you can just use a metal bowl that fits on top of a pot. You only need to simmer a little water, not a rolling boil and not much water at all. If you can’t do that, you could probably do it over direct very low heat – below simmer.

  2. babyfat33xoxo says:

    What if you do not have a double boiler?

  3. TheVirusflame says:

    what happens if i only uses half the actual amount of butter?

  4. louzing4good says:

    I am so thankful for you. I just made this and it is wonderful. I hate buttercream icing because it is too sweet. This is great. I’m making cupcakes for the Church’s dinner on Sunday and they are going to be great. I usually make my own but this is so much better. I almost sat in bed tonight to eat it all…..

  5. 3soolah88 says:

    DID U USE COLD Butter or room temp??

  6. 3soolah88 says:


  7. Brandie Waldrop says:

    I’d say you do because, as she explains, the butter doesn’t hold up well at room temperatures like the shortening does. Your buttercream will probably still taste good may be extremly sensitive to temperatures/melt easy.

  8. Brandie Waldrop says:

    I can tell you it tastes like sweet butter. Its delicious! Just follow her recipe exactly and try it out for yourself. what’s left just freeze it. Your friends may just be used to pure sugar icings… so they may not like it still, but its not the recipe, its their tastebuds~

  9. Karen De Jesus says:

    Hi Crumb boss… i was wacthing your video and this frosting looks so light and fluffly but you need to inform in ur video how many egg whites and sugar so it can be perfect like yours. Im looking for a good buttercream recipie the o ther ones suck. they are to sweet and kind of grainy.

  10. Anay Martinez says:

    how does it have to taste, because i made it and it kinda taste like butter, is it sweet?

  11. Ronja S says:

    how does it tastes like?
    because I have this one other recipe which is only egg whites, sugar and butter and all my friends say that it tastes good but it’s too buttery.
    so does this taste sweeter?

  12. Ronja S says:

    with the butter

  13. fattoosh skafi says:

    Hi crumb boss, I did the BC this morning and it was great but a little bit sweet for me
    so can I cut down the sugar or I’ll effect the recipe this way? and my BC full of air bubbles
    but not yours, how can I get rid of these bubbles? I didn’t overwhipped it so where did
    I do wrong :( …. thanks again for your beautiful recipes :)

  14. 1JadArdat1 says:

    im surely not crumb boss, but keep mixing and with will turn fluffy in about 5 minutes! mix mix mix!

  15. daniella coby says:

    do you have to use shortening

  16. daniella coby says:

    does it harden after is so can you please tell me because am going to make it tomorrow

  17. cherie amour says:

    at which point did you put in the shortening?
    i’ve had too many bad experiences with buttercream, please help :(

  18. lemonlime556 says:

    your frosting might be curdled try taking a 1/4 of the frosting and melting it in the microwave.Add it to the frosting slowly and that might help

  19. GiantCatapilla says:

    Don’t complain if he got the lyrics wrong. Big whoop. At least he put up a bass boosted version of the song so yeah.

  20. sneakwifey05 says:


  21. sneakwifey05 says:

    Gas pedal

  22. TheKingshine says:

    It’s not that easy trying to put the lyrics, but thanks for your concern.

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